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  • Nailess collapsible wooden case

    Benefits of using Nail-Less Collapsible Plywood Boxes Easily customisable Cost effective while transportation Easy to stack and can be stored in minimal space Can be assembled with ease at client end Exempted from phytosanitary regulations and do not require heat treatment or fumigation Good for client branding Light in weigh and cost effective for air
  • Making wooden crate

    We, Red Ant, specializes in supplying all kinds of wooden crates,  with high quality , large quantity , speedy delivery . We also make customised wood crate, which is good in quality and durability, meeting international standards. Wooden crate procedure: Step 1:  Cutting and preparing materials. Step 2: Assemble wooden sides Step 3: Finishing the
  • Making wooden case

    As a companion to companies, factories, stores which requires unloading and packaging for goods Ltd. Red Ants will always offer customers services with reasonable prices and best quality. With many years of practical experience in the packaging industry , wooden box packaging , pallets packing , wooden crates packing for items such as fragile ,
  • Making wooden pallet

    We are providing wooden pallet with all kinds and all sizes. We also give you free of charge consutltant service to give you the best packing solution on pallet so that you may get best cost as well as ensure the best safe for your goods or cargoes. Making pallet procedure: Measuring all dimesnion, weight