Author - Nguyen Duong

Machine, equipment packing

Depending on each kinds of machine, equipment, basing on their size, characteristic, we will offer the most suitable solution for packing. Hereunder, we describe how we pack machine and equipment:

  • Start by measuring all dimensions, weight and determine the nature as well as characteristic of the machine/equipment.
  • Locate the machine/equipment to the appropriate place for packing
  • Reinforce the machine/equipment in the wooden box.
  • Seal up the wooden box and mark in number and name to avoid missing or confusion
  • Check and handover to customer.

Super- sized, super-weighted cargo packing


Unlike other conventional goods, packing cargo or machine with super size and super weight can be difficult and impossible to use normal material and machines. Besides dedicated vehicle such as trailer, crane, drill … the work requires an appropriate transporting and packing plan.

We are here to supply you the best choice of packing and transporting solution for your super-sized, super-weighted cargo. Save the hard work for us so that you can be free of worry and wonder.


Pack in pallet – wooden box

With much experience on job, we guarantee to serve you with every order of pallet and wooden box with best price in soonest time

Advantages of using pallet, wooden box:

  1. Cargo is separated from the ground and moisture-proof
  2. Convenient to move cargo in big quantity
  3. Easily to load or unload
  4. Cargo can be stored long time conveniently and efficiently.
  5. Procedure of packing in pallet and wooden box
  • Measure, weight and study about the cargo
  • Reinforce in wooden box
  • Seal, mark in number and name the cargo
  • Handover to customer.
  1. Materials of pallet and wooden box

– We can supply all kinds of wood for pallet and box but mainly pine wood in local or imported.

– All material of wood is dried out with antiseptic treatment for exporting company.

  1. Products of Red Ant:
    1. Wooden box

– Use to pack electrical equipment, fragile, high value goods.

– Use to pack super heavy equipments.
2. Wooden pallet:
* Base on the weight of the cargo, we have 2 types

  • Wooden pallet for super heavy cargo made from: oild wood, concha wood, seringa wood, woodcajeput wood, jungle miscellaneous …
  • Wooden pallet for average weighted cargo made from: acacia wood, garden miscellaneous wood …

* Base on function of the pallet, we have 4 types:

  • 2 ways wooden pallet
  • 4 ways wooden pallet
  • Pallet with 1 surface of wood

* Or base on the surface treatment of the wooden pallet, we have 2 types:

  • Wooden pallet with 3 sides smoothly trying planed ( pallet for refine, pallet for cold store,…)
  • Wooden pallet without smooth trying planned (rustic pallet, raw pallet…)

Evacuation packing


Do you have electronic, goods, machines need to be packed?

Your goods will be transported on a long way?

Do you doubt about the quality of goods after transportation?

Let us help you with our service of packing, evacuation and transport

With the precious experience in this filed, we are so confident to serve you for all request for domestic and export purpose.

Material for packing:

  • Air nylon, moose
  • Heat insulation nylon
  • Wooden box
  • Waterproof bead
  • Straps

Function of evacuation packing

  • Goods will be waterproof, heat insulated
  • For metal goods, it is rust preventing
  • Convenient for store and transport

Procedure of evacuation packing

  • Cover goods with air nylon and silver nylon
  • Evacuate with professional machine, put some desiccants.
  • Pump inert gas
  • Seal with silver nylon
  • Reinforce in wooden box
  • Seal and mark the box to prevent missing or confusion
  • Hanover to customer for checking and signing.

Our responsibility: For any case of missing, damage in the process of packing, we will refund 100% the goods’ value as in the singed contract.


Car transport

Red Ant provides transportation of car from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh and vice versa. Owning specialized vehicles in the transportation field, Red Ants can meet the needs of shipping cars from 4 seats – 16 seats with quick tempo and highest safety level.

When handling your car to us, we will:

  • Sign the contract of transport
  • Sign the contract of vesting power or the transport letter
  • Sign the paper of handling car, car registration paper, key
  • Buy the insurance for the car. Customer can work directly with insurance company or we can help to handle.

Please contact us to get the best service with competitive price.