Cargo transport

Cargo transport

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Do you have demand to transport a large, bulky cargo but do not know how to transport quickly? Besides, you also worry about the quality of transport service? Would your cargo be transported safety without any loss?

Red Ant provides cargo transport with highest level of safety and in shortest time. We have a team of staff who are well trained , enthusiastic, dynamic and responsible for the work. We have all size of truck from 1 ton to 40 tons to ensure best safety for the cargo. Especially we work 24/24, even in weekend in order to transport the cargo the most promptly.

With many years experience in cargo transport, Red Ant can provide cargo transport extremely convenient and time saving. At the same time, we also offer competitive rate to give customer the best choice of perfect service.

With different types of trucks, running short and long route, we focus on transport from North to South and vice versa. Especially when the destination of delivery is in the urban cities , we will use small truck to ensure your cargo is delivered in time conveniently.

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