Ho Chi Minh’s house moving package

As well as in Hanoi, we have office in Ho Chi Minh City to meet the demand of the market here. Besides other services, house moving is one of the main one that we are leading. With house moving package of Red Ant, you are free-minded of broken, missing or any technical confusion which are the main concerns when you move out. Red Ant was founded to make all your work simple and easy. We guarantee to provide you high quality service with the good deal.

For more information, please contact us at 0963212127

HCM Office: No 6, Road 38 Tan Tao Ward, Binh Tan Distric.

Website: www.kiendovn.net                    www.donggoi.vn

Hanoi’s house moving package

In big cities like Hanoi, the demand of house, apartment hiring is diverse. As the result, people move in and move out a lot. In such a crowded city, it is not simple at all when you move your home. You may care of the safety of your stuffs on moving, you may confuse how to take all your stuffs, transport and take in to new house as quickly as possible, or simply you do not have time and health to do it on your own. We understand all your concerns and ready to solve them all. We provide house moving package in Hanoi by which as our customer, in the moving day, all you need to do is drinking your favorite coffee and checking when we complete. Let us do all the rest for you.

Why should you choose Red Ant’s package?

  • We provide good deal, professional and good quality service.
  • Our staffs are enthusiastic, in good manner, polite and helpful.
  • We provide in nationally wide range, especially in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.
  • We are always punctual
  • We compensate 100% in any case of broken or missing which is due to our fault.

For any request of house moving in Hanoi, please contact us at:

Hanoi office: Lane 109 Truong Chinh Street– Thanh Xuan Distric, Hanoi.

Tel: 04.3576.3567 | Fax : 04.3516.1796

Mobile: 0913063590  | Email: tuanpa@kiendovn.net
Skype: tuan_pa | Website: 

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