Household packing

Household packing

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All stuffs will be classified based on: position, category and owner.
We wrap and pack all stuffs with suitable material for highest level of safety.
Books, document will be packed in carton of Red Ant with logo and to be marked on top.


Fragile stuffs such as glass, vase, and ceramics… will be packed with wrapping paper, padded with blanket into the carton with mark on top.

• Electronic stuffs will be packed with soft material, covered with nylon and put into the carton with mark on the top.

Wooden stuffs will be disjunction and wrapped with carton and baric to avoid scratch.

We will separate and mark stuffs again to avoid any mistake or confusion
Before moving, our staff and customer will check on site and confirm about quantity of goods in paper with signature of 2 parties.

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