Making wooden pallet

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We are providing wooden pallet with all kinds and all sizes. We also give you free of charge consutltant service to give you the best packing solution on pallet so that you may get best cost as well as ensure the best safe for your goods or cargoes.

Making pallet procedure:

  • Measuring all dimesnion, weight and checking the status of goods/cargo.
  • Firguring out packing plan.
  • Executing packing work.

Used materials

  • We mainly use timber, acacia, pine wood, both domestic and imported wood.
  • For export purpose, we all fumigated woode material and provide gumigation certificate.

Advatages of using wooden pallet:

  • Isolating the goods from diret ground which preventing fustiness
  • Convinient to move a bunch of goods.
  • Convinient to, load, put on self or on container
  • Connient and effective storage and machinery.

Pallet Categories

  • 2 sides pallet

  • 4 sides palet

  • Customised palllet

Plywood covered pallet

Beside normal pallet, we have been roviding plywood coverd pallet. We are willing always to give you the best solution for packing every kind of good or cargo, depening on specific requirement. The main purpose is to give you the best service and product at lowest price.

Privilege of being our customer:

  • We guarantee speedy service with high quality, even with huge quantity.
  • We are always wholehearted, enthusiatic and professinal. For the target of customer’s satisfaction on top, we are confident to to give the best products and services since we know all the tecnique of packing and know how always.
  • We save best for customer. We make the product by ourself with all materail control, that’s why we save our cost and well as customer’s spending.
  • We combined all related service such as: fumigation certificate, lifing, lowering cargo, transporting, lashing… which is very convinient for customer to control.

Other ralated services:

  • Machine packing
  • OOG cargo packing
  • Vacuum packing
  • Fragile goods packing
  • Office stuffs packing
  • Personal stuffs packing
  • Stnadard packing
  • Electronics packing
  • Customised packing
  • Cargo lashing
  • Cargo lifting and lowering
  • Making and lashing pallet
  • Making wooden case
  • Providing collalsible wooden case

Other services of Red Ant:

  1. Making pallet and wooden case
  2. Packing for goods and cargoes
  3. House moving package
  4. Office moving packge
  5. Professonal packing services
  6. Cargo transporting

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