Car transport

Red Ant provides transportation of car from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh and vice versa. Owning specialized vehicles in the transportation field, Red Ants can meet the needs of shipping cars from 4 seats – 16 seats with quick tempo and highest safety level.

When handling your car to us, we will:

  • Sign the contract of transport
  • Sign the contract of vesting power or the transport letter
  • Sign the paper of handling car, car registration paper, key
  • Buy the insurance for the car. Customer can work directly with insurance company or we can help to handle.

Please contact us to get the best service with competitive price.

Cargo transport

Do you have demand to transport a large, bulky cargo but do not know how to transport quickly? Besides, you also worry about the quality of transport service? Would your cargo be transported safety without any loss?

Red Ant provides cargo transport with highest level of safety and in shortest time. We have a team of staff who are well trained , enthusiastic, dynamic and responsible for the work. We have all size of truck from 1 ton to 40 tons to ensure best safety for the cargo. Especially we work 24/24, even in weekend in order to transport the cargo the most promptly.

With many years experience in cargo transport, Red Ant can provide cargo transport extremely convenient and time saving. At the same time, we also offer competitive rate to give customer the best choice of perfect service.

With different types of trucks, running short and long route, we focus on transport from North to South and vice versa. Especially when the destination of delivery is in the urban cities , we will use small truck to ensure your cargo is delivered in time conveniently.

Rail way freight


Procedure of rail way freight
1. Freight request recognition
2. Survey of the cargo
3. Freight quotation and contract signing
4. Execute the work
5. After checking and taking over, get payment from customer.
Our responsibility
We take the responsibility to transport cargo from sender to recipient safely, in time as in the detail contract which we sign with customer. We ensure the equal rights and collaboration between Railways and shippers in the process of transporting, according to the Regulation of Railways transport and other related regulations.
Forms of transport
We offer some choices: whole wagon, combined goods, container from terminal to terminal, from warehouse to warehouse, from warehouse to station and from station to warehouse on the request of customer. For each choice, we offer 2 ways: fast service and normal service.

Railway route
• Hanoi– Ho Chi Minh
• Hanoi – Da Nang
• Da Nang – Ho Chi Minh
Call centre for railway service:
• In Hanoi: 04.3576 3567
• In Ho Chi Minh city : 0963.21.21.27

Sea freight Transport

Thanks to much superiority sea transport is the most commonly used mode of transport in the world. As one of the reputable forwarder company, Red Ant commit to provide sea freight forwarding services with the best quality. For us, there is no place is unreachable.

Our superiority:
– Competitive price
– Deal with all kinds of goods
– Deal with oversized, over weight goods, long route.

Our main service of sea freight transport:
– Provide goods import and export via sea way from Vietnam to all over the world and vice versa (FCL and LCL).
– Whole container (FCL and LCL) with competitive price.
– Door to door service
Red Ant’s customer’s advantage

– Better control and check with one supplier who can handle all stages.
– Enhanced ability to identify your shipments using our advanced technology
– Meet the demand in terms of volume, time, and cost with our services.

Vận chuyển đa phương thức quốc tế bằng hàng không

Air transport

In order to meet the increasing demand of transport goods in short time with high level of safety, we provide air transport service.

Red Ant’s air transport service

  • Work on all route from Vietnam
  • In hand delivery
  • Provide goods insurance

Advantages of air transport:

  • Shortest route, soonest time
  • High level of safety
  • Simple procedure with fewer documents than other transport modes.

You should use air transport when:

  • Your goods is small in size
  • Your goods need to be transported urgently
  • Your goods is in high value
  • Your goods need to be transport via long route.

For more information, please contact us at:

Address: lane 109 Truong Chinh street, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi

Tel: 04.3576.3567                                       Fax : 04.3516.1796


Multimodal transport

We provide transportation with combination of diversified ways

  • Seaway
  • Airway
  • Roadway
  • Railway

With many transportation modes, we are always under the strictly supervision of our distributor to ensure to keep on track with the deadline of delivery with ultimate cost for customer.

We are retail of many of many trans-national transportation supplier, we are capable for meeting all demand of door to door delivery with combination of multiple modes of transportation.

Sea/air transport

The model used to coordinate the transport of cars dominance and air transport. People use cars to concentrate on the airport line or from the airport to the place of delivery of cargo in other locations. Operation of Automobile Transport done at the beginning and the end of the transport process in this manner with the utmost flexibility , responding to the collection , centralized focal line of the airports serving routes long flight across the Pacific , Atlantic or inter- continental as from Europe to America …


Rail-road transport

This is a combination of safety and speed of rail transport to the mobility of car transport is widely used in the Americas and Europe. According to this method it is packing in the trailer were towed to the terminal in the tractor trailer is goi. At the trailer is pulled up station wagons and transported to the station. When the destination we again used the tractor to pull the trailer down and transported to the site for delivery to the recipient


Rail-road-inland waterway/sea

In the transport model of international multimodal transport model is most popular for transporting imported goods. Goods are transported by rail, road or inland ports to export water is then transported by sea to the ports of the importing country and from there shipped to the recipient in inland by road , rail or inland water transport . This model is suitable for the type of cargo in shipping containers on routes that do not require much rushing about shipping time.


Land bridge

End models in the series models multimodal transport international land bridge model. Under this model the goods are transported by sea crossing oceans to continental ports in a switch that must be the way to go inland by sea to other continents. In organizing this transport, inland transport leg is like a bridge between two seas and two oceans.

House moving package

Good deal house moving package

  • Red Ant Ltd professionally provides package of house moving service with good price. Founded in 2000 with the brand name of Red Ant Transportation service, we have 30 trucks now to serve in main cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh. We have been targeting for the customer’s trust to get our success, prestige as the result, we are becoming familiar within Vietnam.

We are proud to be the pioneer in providing house moving service, truck taxi, and transportation in Vietnam. Through nearly 20 years of development, we are now should be the first choice in customer’s mind whenever the demand rising.

  • Why should Red Ant be the first choice for house moving package service?
  • Our service is in package which is convenient, good deal, professional with prestige.
  • We always consider customer at first prior, customer is always right in any case.
  • We serve nationally wide, especially in main cities.
  • We are always punctual, 100% compensation in case of broken or missing stuffs.
  • Procedure of Red Ant’s house moving package service.Step 1: Request recognitionIf you have any request of house moving package, please contact us at Red Ant Hanoi: 04.35763567 – 04.35763527 for the work in Hanoi and the Northern and Central provinces; Red Ant Ho Chi Minh: 0963.21.21.27 for the work in the city and the Southern provinces.Step 2: Survey, quotation and contract signing.

We will send our staff to our house to make a survey after set up an appointment with customer. Basing on the distance, the stuffs quantity, the difficulty of moving out and moving in…. we will quote accordingly. If the quotation is accepted, we will sign the contract.

Step 3: Contract execution

As the agreed terms of working time and working place, we will implement the contract.

Staffs know how to do it the most professionally, in shortest time with highest level of safety.

All of your stuffs will be carefully wrapped, packed, classified, and marked by user or room to avoid confusion.

Step 4: Check and take over, finalize contract.

After all work is totally completed, customer and our staff will check and take over then finalize the contract with payment. If there is any broken or missed stuffs, we will compensated 100% as the value of the stuff.

Contact us for any more information

Contact us for any more information

In Hanoi: 04.35763567 – 04.35763527 

In HCM: 0963.21.21.27

Or please visit our office:

Hanoi office: Lane 109 Truong Chinh street, Thanh Xuan Ward, Hanoi.

HCM office: No 6, 38 Tan Tao street, Binh Tan Ward, HCM.

Mobile: 0913063590 | Email:
Skype: tuan_pa |

“ Red Ant is available whenever you need, save the difficulty to Red Ant”!

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