Multimodal transport

Multimodal transport

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We provide transportation with combination of diversified ways

  • Seaway
  • Airway
  • Roadway
  • Railway

With many transportation modes, we are always under the strictly supervision of our distributor to ensure to keep on track with the deadline of delivery with ultimate cost for customer.

We are retail of many of many trans-national transportation supplier, we are capable for meeting all demand of door to door delivery with combination of multiple modes of transportation.

Sea/air transport

The model used to coordinate the transport of cars dominance and air transport. People use cars to concentrate on the airport line or from the airport to the place of delivery of cargo in other locations. Operation of Automobile Transport done at the beginning and the end of the transport process in this manner with the utmost flexibility , responding to the collection , centralized focal line of the airports serving routes long flight across the Pacific , Atlantic or inter- continental as from Europe to America …


Rail-road transport

This is a combination of safety and speed of rail transport to the mobility of car transport is widely used in the Americas and Europe. According to this method it is packing in the trailer were towed to the terminal in the tractor trailer is goi. At the trailer is pulled up station wagons and transported to the station. When the destination we again used the tractor to pull the trailer down and transported to the site for delivery to the recipient


Rail-road-inland waterway/sea

In the transport model of international multimodal transport model is most popular for transporting imported goods. Goods are transported by rail, road or inland ports to export water is then transported by sea to the ports of the importing country and from there shipped to the recipient in inland by road , rail or inland water transport . This model is suitable for the type of cargo in shipping containers on routes that do not require much rushing about shipping time.


Land bridge

End models in the series models multimodal transport international land bridge model. Under this model the goods are transported by sea crossing oceans to continental ports in a switch that must be the way to go inland by sea to other continents. In organizing this transport, inland transport leg is like a bridge between two seas and two oceans.

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