Office moving package

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Procedure of office moving service

Step 1: Request recognition

  • Get customer’s request
  • On site survey to estimate amount of stuffs to be moved.
  • Make up moving plan
  • Inform and confirm with customer about moving plan and moving quotation.

Step 2: Contract signing.

  • When all terms are agreed, we will sign the contract

Step 3: Contract execution

  • Before moving, we will discuss again with customer about our plan on site.
  • We will start remove furniture as table, cabinet, air conditioner, fridge…
  • Classify stuffs by owners, departments, type of stuff
  • All stuffs will be wrapped and packed appropriately to ensure highest safety.
  • Books, document to be put in plastic box with Red Ant logo
  • Fragile stuffs like glass, bow, ceramics… will be wrapped in standard paper and put into the box with mark of fragile stuffs.
  • Electronics will be wrapped in soft material then put into the box with mark of important stuffs.
  • When all stuffs are packed, our staff and customer will check and count again every box and package and sign in paper to avoid confusion.
  • All stuffs will be transported on truck from old to new destination.
  • Assemble all stuff back
  • Arrange stuffs as request of customer
  • Tidy up the site and collect material, box… If customer want to borrow our material, please deposit 20,000vnd/ box; 100,000vnd/blanket. The deposit will be refunded when you return material.

Step 4: Check and take over

After all work complete, our staff and customer will check again with signing the take over and evaluation letter.

Step 5: Payment

We appreciate payment by cash after checking and taking over. Otherwise, please pay by cash or bank transfer within 7 days after receiving invoice.

Our responsibility after moving

  • We compensate 100% in any case of broken or missing which is due to our fault.
  • For the stuffs with value from USD 5000 above, we recommend customer to buy insurance for it. We just take the responsibility for stuffs with value below USD5000.



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