Packing Electronic Goods

Packing Electronic Goods

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Electronic goods included such stuffs as laptop, cell phone, camera, computer, LCD monitor, electronic spare parts…. These are fragile, damageable due to collision in transportation which is unavoidable. Therefore, these kind of goods must be packed specially to ensure for safety.

  1. Integrity goods packed by producer
  • For big size goods, it should be packed in wooden box. We will consult an appropriate material for padding such as porus, sponge…
  • For small size good (weight below 3kg and all dimensions below 30cm) which is subject of physical shock while moving, therefore, it is necessary to pad sponge or porus to minimize the influence.
  • For some goods are packed for moving by producer, there is no need to pack anymore but need to reinforce with scotch and strap.
  • For such goods that customer request not to pack, we will take no responsibility for damage on transportation.
  • All kinds of document, invoice of the goods should be packed inside and to be copied to us as carriage document.
    1. Non-integrity goods or used goods.

For this kind of goods, we will apply to packing process as below:

  • Cover goods with nylon or water resistant material
  • Cover goods again with bubble sheet, porus or sponge
  • Pack goods in carton, sponge box or wooden box or combination of both.
  • Insert padding to full fill all the apertures.

Note: For high very value goods, we recommend customer to buy insurance to be free of any risk.

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