Rail way freight

Rail way freight

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Procedure of rail way freight
1. Freight request recognition
2. Survey of the cargo
3. Freight quotation and contract signing
4. Execute the work
5. After checking and taking over, get payment from customer.
Our responsibility
We take the responsibility to transport cargo from sender to recipient safely, in time as in the detail contract which we sign with customer. We ensure the equal rights and collaboration between Railways and shippers in the process of transporting, according to the Regulation of Railways transport and other related regulations.
Forms of transport
We offer some choices: whole wagon, combined goods, container from terminal to terminal, from warehouse to warehouse, from warehouse to station and from station to warehouse on the request of customer. For each choice, we offer 2 ways: fast service and normal service.

Railway route
• Hanoi– Ho Chi Minh
• Hanoi – Da Nang
• Da Nang – Ho Chi Minh
Call centre for railway service:
• In Hanoi: 04.3576 3567
• In Ho Chi Minh city : 0963.21.21.27

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