Evacuation packing

Evacuation packing

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Do you have electronic, goods, machines need to be packed?

Your goods will be transported on a long way?

Do you doubt about the quality of goods after transportation?

Let us help you with our service of packing, evacuation and transport

With the precious experience in this filed, we are so confident to serve you for all request for domestic and export purpose.

Material for packing:

  • Air nylon, moose
  • Heat insulation nylon
  • Wooden box
  • Waterproof bead
  • Straps

Function of evacuation packing

  • Goods will be waterproof, heat insulated
  • For metal goods, it is rust preventing
  • Convenient for store and transport

Procedure of evacuation packing

  • Cover goods with air nylon and silver nylon
  • Evacuate with professional machine, put some desiccants.
  • Pump inert gas
  • Seal with silver nylon
  • Reinforce in wooden box
  • Seal and mark the box to prevent missing or confusion
  • Hanover to customer for checking and signing.

Our responsibility: For any case of missing, damage in the process of packing, we will refund 100% the goods’ value as in the singed contract.

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